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It is finished

Am I really finished? It’s so hard to believe. We  have worked extremely hard on this project all semester long and I’m really proud of the results. We did stuck to the contract in terms of time, but did have several difficulties along the way. Being a heavily researched based product, some of us had a few markers that we finally had to put our heads together and work on as a team. I feel as if I stuck to my part of the contract really well with the map – I even feel that it turned out even better than I originally planned with all of the feedback. We got all of our research done by the said dates, but we collaborated on a google doc so we could read over each others work and edit it. When the posts were finally pulled online, Ryan lindsey and I worked really hard on tagging, catagorizing, and editing the posts. Lindsey took over the picture finding ordeal because it was easier for her. She found every image.  I tagged and catagorized every post. Mike turned all our sources into Chicago/turabian and then each of us organized our own bibliography which lindsey then made into a huge one. Ryan did something we never even planned and made a twitter and he edited everybody’s work for grammar and spelling. I linked the map to every page and figured out how to make the timeline it’s own link (the timeline that Ryan created). I also made a banner for the timeline and a mother site to link the all past and future projects. 🙂  lindsey made the tag cloud and mike figured out how to put it on its own page (that was a hassle – seriously). We really appreciate all the help Jim groom and Tim owens gave us along the way. Especially with the help they gave Ryan in figuring out the slideshow on the front page. I created the bibliography and about us page, and went through every post for formatting and for linking them to the map. Overall, the project went really well buy I’m also really glad it’s over. 

Sorry for any spelling and/or grammar issues. I had to write out this post using my IPhone because of my unreliable Internet. 🙁 thank goodness for my smart phone. 

Update, Symposium, and Stooof

I am really happy with our website.  The mother site is awesome and we corrected some minor issues with our Sevamarkers website.  We are still waiting on assistance to fix the actual timeline html page to link back to the mother site and the SEVAmarkers site.  We are also going to either remove or completely change the header on the timeline so it doesn’t just highlight fredmarkers.  The twitter is picking up a lot of followers and interest, and Lindsey says that the GOOGLE Analytics is producing a ton of results as far as highlighting who is visiting our site.  The bibliography for the entire site will be completely finished and ready for McClurken to tell us what to fix tonight after Ryan inserts his portion of the bibliography.  Ryan figured out our slideshow on the front page and it looks fabulous! I fixed some minor errors with the map so I am not caught off guard next time.  I thought our presentation went really well.  I am really happy with how pleasing our website is to the eye.  Somebody on twitter the other said “THIS WEBSITE IS SOO COOL” and shared our link.  I am so happy!!! I think our presentation will be fabulous at the Symposium and that our website will be very useful for people in the future.  I hope people expand on it.  Its kind of shocking the sense of pride you feel in an academic project.  Weeelll I am off to bed so tomorrow I am able to edit my thesis and write another 10 page paper due Tuesday! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. . . and I apologize for the delayed update but the thesis work has been crazy!!!

Readings and an Update

First, our project is still in the editing stage.  Today I am emailing Jim Groom with our six pictures and brief descriptions.  Also, over the weekend, our group did some brainstorming on how to be a little more “creative” with our project.  We came up with some pretty good ideas and hope to share them with our next update.  We also hope to be done editing our posts by our presentation on the 17th at the Symposium.  Ryan met with Jim Groom – but he is going to share that info with us today.  Hopefully we will have our timeline and our tag cloud up soon!

The  first article I read was also Barbara Weintein’s Doing History int he Digital Age.  It was pretty interesting to be able to trace the changes that have taken place over the years surrounding technology and how everyone, including professors, utilize that digital media to help their students.  Furthermore, it is interesting to note how technology has changed the way of researching for students, as well, though we have already discussed this in past lectures.  Its neat to see other scholars on the same page in recognizing this change.  However, like Lindsey and Barbara, I prefer to do things the old fashioned way . . . .sometimes.  I love the search on the UMW libraries page and much rather prefer it.  However, I really do enjoy going to a bookstore and “judging books by their covers” as opposed to looking for them online (though I also own a kindle).


The second article I read was one of the Wikipedia articles by Christopher Miller titled Strange facts in the History Classroom: Or How I Learned to stop Worrying and Love the Wiki(pedia).”  This article struck me because in my 299 course, one of the first things said when discussing how to research was “NEVER use Wikipedia.  It is not a source and therefore is unreliable. NEVER use Wikipedia.”  It was my mantra for a long time.  This article discusses the issues with using Wikipedia as a source for material in the academic world but then also described a project he had his students do which was very interesting.  The end result was that Wikipedia articles were not very well reliable: surprise surprise.  However, doesn’t this mean that scholars and students who have more accurate knowledge should change or correct the misinformation.  There is a reason why America’s intellectual levels are declining!

Readings and Group Update

First things first: I could not even begin to watch the youtube videos.  Relying on a wireless card with limited data usage for three people in one household sure does take a tole on the total amount of internet access.  Sorry guys 🙁



The Carr reading was extremely interesting,especially since I found myself beginning to skim the readings.  My way of reading has definitely changed, and I find myself constantly distracted.  I still get the same information out, or at least – I think I do.  I guess I can’t really be sure.  And its true, I still only read things that are very interesting or catching to me.  I definitely judge books and internet articles by their “cover.  The other readings, especially from Babel to Knowledge, gave great insight into Data mining and caused me to rethink how I research.  Like another student, I also search in the index of books for related terms and toss books that have nothing to do with my topic.



Our project is going swimmingly.  Sometimes I get so stressed and worried that we are going nowhere.  However, every time we are able to come together – I feel so much more comfortable.  Everything is coming together – I am even more comfortable knowing that Mike has met with Jim Groom.  I hope we find some time to meet tomorrow at the end of class.


Extremely Frustrating. . .Not really

Well I have finally finished my Digital Resume, as can be seen here! I am actually in love with it – and I must admit that I borrowed ideas from others simply because (though Ive had work) I have not had to create a resume since high school.  -insert GASP here-  This was not very hard or frustrating, just extremely time consuming.  I wish I hadn’t been sick last week so I could have mustered the energy to do it then.  So now its done and I feel accomplished.


I also have all of my research done – just need to do a little fine tuning of formatting and editing.  We seem to be right  on schedule which is fabulous.  I can’t wait to see my group tomorrow and discuss what happened Thursday.  I try so hard not to miss, even if I am usually 5 minutes late.  I don’t know what you guys would do if I was every on time.  😛  But anyhoo – the google map is coming – I was hindered with my sickness but now Lindsey has sent me all of the pictures so we should be good to go! Mike has a meeting Wednesday with Jim Groom.  EXCITING.


Diigiitaal IIdeentiity

Yes – I did that on purpose – and for no reasons whatsoever except it seemed like the thing to do.


My Lessons —


Lesson 1 :: I love how Hassan’s website uses lifetime experiences to create a “resume” for his future.  It includes so many unique features you would not normally find on a “paper” resume.  I especially enjoy his experience page and media projects page.  It shows his many skills in a unique way through life choices and experiences.  Its very unique.

Lesson 2 :: Even negative stuff gets on the internet and it can forever haunt you.  (Digital Footprint).  Be very aware of what you say/write online – your footprint is important.

Lesson 3 :: Employers look at your online profiles and history online! They aren’t going to hire somebody who acts just as unprofessional in outside of the office in case they bring that with them to the office.  Digital media has made it very easy for them to access what you thought may have been very private. (Digital Footprint)

Lesson 4 :: You can edit your digital footprint to be more appealing.  Delete stuff, smother it, kill it! Help people! Avoid the bad and embrace the good, essentially.

Lesson 5 :: You cannot trust what you see, in reality.  Many people create fake profiles or enter fake information for their own devices.  It also is a way to protect themselves from disastrous consequences of actions.

Update on the projects:


Everything is going awesome . We are aiming to be done with all of our research by midnight tomorrow.  I am just doing finishing touches and from what I understand, so is everybody else.  Ryan wants to talk about the timeline tomorrow.  I am waiting for images from lindsey to finish the google map.  Fun times.

Research, research and more research

Sounds fun?


Well not really.  We have been doing research and collaborating with our google doc.  Its kind of irritating because it seems like, sometimes, somebody found the most random and obscure event to make into a historical marker.  They were probably really bored with their life.  -tear-.  Its kind of frustrating for us researching it.  Everybody seems to be on track with the research, and I have started making the google map.  -crosses fingers-.  Really not much to say. .. except. . .research research research and that the website skeleton looks awesome.  I really cant wait to pull info onto it.  Also – im nervous about the map thing Mcclurken was talking about with pulling up all points dealing with the civil war, etc etc.  I hope it doesn’t end up being to complicated as an interactive map.  I shall have to seek guidance!

A very late update/blog

I was going to post earlier but had so much going on it definitely slipped my mind.  However, I have plenty to blog about.


After McClurken looked at our contracts, we as a group were able to edit it within the class period to suit all of our needs.  With three of us doing our thesis, we really had to work around our schedules quite a bit.  Everybody is getting their research done in a timely manner and its nice because we can share it all on a google doc for Mike to pull into the wordpress site. Its also nice to have the wiggle room for getting the research done.  It would be too stressful as per the original contract.  Mike has also put my mind to rest a bit because he is totally in control of the website and then combining the two sites.  Its nice because I am wordpress impaired.  I know I would be bald by the end of the ordeal.  Also, we have found (well Ryan pointed it out) that the website we are using as a reference as geographic locations of each marker which will be so useful once I start the google map (planned to start at the end of the researching period).  It has also been nice to have a goal as far as sources and such are concerned.  Some markers have proved to be pretty obscure (i.e the airfield at the Naval Warfare Center (or whatever), the first balloon race) – I mean HOLY COW.  Lindsey also is awesome because she lives so close to our area that she has started driving down and simply taking pictures of the markers.  This will help us to avoid any copyright issues.  Photographs of the actual event/place/person will be easy to find via Library of Congress or flikr or some other website.  I am finally getting relaxed – especially now that I have written out my thoughts.


And now, after a birthday dinner and me feeling a little sick, I am feeling A LOT sick and need to go to bed as I have an exam tomorrow.  And I have way more research to do.  It sucks being sick all day the day before your birthday.  Looking at a computer or book was the last thing on my mind.

A General Update

I actually have a lot to update on.  Our group is getting stuff done.  We were finally able to meet with Jim Groom (Mike and myself) to talk about the website.  In the end, he convinced us to use wordpress to design a new site, or really a skeleton, for the Williamsburg/Yorktown/Jamestown area and then come to him after we have done all the research and completed the skeleton to combine the site with the old one and make it aesthetically more pleasing than the first site.  Furthermore, it will be more organized.  Meeting with Jim Groom really helped us become more organized and especially in terms of creating our contract, where we had to decide what kind of milestones we wanted to set.  Also, we decided to just pull the info from the old site into the new site and give the old site credit while researching new parts of the virginia historical trifectas.

I’ve already begun my research and plan on discussing it with the group Tuesday as to where everybody is and make sure we are all on the same page.  We already have the google docs to share the information.  I hope to post what I have so far by tomorrow.

Google maps

So I made a google Map and I must say I was frustrated at first because I’m home for the weekend and my Internet is seriously lacking in aweSomeness- hence the iPhone post. However, I was finally able to figure it out and decided I liked the simple version better without incorporating google earth. I made a tour of downtown Staunton for myself and it waa rather neat. Because I just drove around I was able to use that little person feature to drive around and look at buildings from the road. I think just a pinpoint map will be best for the historical markers, however, so people can just do a “directions to here” thing from their current location kind of real. Overall very useful.