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So I made a google Map and I must say I was frustrated at first because I’m home for the weekend and my Internet is seriously lacking in aweSomeness- hence the iPhone post. However, I was finally able to figure it out and decided I liked the simple version better without incorporating google earth. I made a tour of downtown Staunton for myself and it waa rather neat. Because I just drove around I was able to use that little person feature to drive around and look at buildings from the road. I think just a pinpoint map will be best for the historical markers, however, so people can just do a “directions to here” thing from their current location kind of real. Overall very useful.

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2 Responses to “Google maps”

  1. I think that would work really well! By pinpointing perhaps the most important markers, or finding some way to sort them (either by year or other) and then color coding them might work nicely. And I am sure your map was fabulous, although maybe I would have liked to see it!(haha, just kidding, but only kind of.)

  2. I had the exact same problem. My parent’s house has horrid wifi and even using plain GoogleMaps tried my patience. Perhaps when all our IDs work we can use those shiny Macs Dr. McClurken said existed. The graphics/video cards and internet connection have to be optimal for GoogleEarth.