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A very late update/blog

I was going to post earlier but had so much going on it definitely slipped my mind.  However, I have plenty to blog about.


After McClurken looked at our contracts, we as a group were able to edit it within the class period to suit all of our needs.  With three of us doing our thesis, we really had to work around our schedules quite a bit.  Everybody is getting their research done in a timely manner and its nice because we can share it all on a google doc for Mike to pull into the wordpress site. Its also nice to have the wiggle room for getting the research done.  It would be too stressful as per the original contract.  Mike has also put my mind to rest a bit because he is totally in control of the website and then combining the two sites.  Its nice because I am wordpress impaired.  I know I would be bald by the end of the ordeal.  Also, we have found (well Ryan pointed it out) that the website we are using as a reference as geographic locations of each marker which will be so useful once I start the google map (planned to start at the end of the researching period).  It has also been nice to have a goal as far as sources and such are concerned.  Some markers have proved to be pretty obscure (i.e the airfield at the Naval Warfare Center (or whatever), the first balloon race) – I mean HOLY COW.  Lindsey also is awesome because she lives so close to our area that she has started driving down and simply taking pictures of the markers.  This will help us to avoid any copyright issues.  Photographs of the actual event/place/person will be easy to find via Library of Congress or flikr or some other website.  I am finally getting relaxed – especially now that I have written out my thoughts.


And now, after a birthday dinner and me feeling a little sick, I am feeling A LOT sick and need to go to bed as I have an exam tomorrow.  And I have way more research to do.  It sucks being sick all day the day before your birthday.  Looking at a computer or book was the last thing on my mind.

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