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Research, research and more research

Sounds fun?


Well not really.  We have been doing research and collaborating with our google doc.  Its kind of irritating because it seems like, sometimes, somebody found the most random and obscure event to make into a historical marker.  They were probably really bored with their life.  -tear-.  Its kind of frustrating for us researching it.  Everybody seems to be on track with the research, and I have started making the google map.  -crosses fingers-.  Really not much to say. .. except. . .research research research and that the website skeleton looks awesome.  I really cant wait to pull info onto it.  Also – im nervous about the map thing Mcclurken was talking about with pulling up all points dealing with the civil war, etc etc.  I hope it doesn’t end up being to complicated as an interactive map.  I shall have to seek guidance!

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3 Responses to “Research, research and more research”

  1. SO MUCH FUN! I LOVE RESEARCH! You have said research a lot. But on the bright side, you’re making progress AND you will be a professional at Google Maps by the time your website is up and running. (and your website skeleton does look awesome!)

  2. Research always seems to be the most tedious part in the study of history am I right? Still, it also is the most interesting part which is why I feel as history majors we still have fondness for this task. I think its funny that you guys are coming across random markers, but it’ll just make your site more interesting right? 🙂 It also sounds like you’re going to be using into Google Earth to make your map, especially if you want to make it interactive. Even if it does get frustrating, just remember that it will be awesome in the end and worth it 🙂 Good luck!

  3. I understand! I have been researching the “other” buildings on campus and it gets frustrating when I can’t find any information on why something was named that or what it was used for. But I think that the google map idea is going to be a really awe3some piece to your project and I can’t wait to see it!