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Diigiitaal IIdeentiity

Yes – I did that on purpose – and for no reasons whatsoever except it seemed like the thing to do.


My Lessons —


Lesson 1 :: I love how Hassan’s website uses lifetime experiences to create a “resume” for his future.  It includes so many unique features you would not normally find on a “paper” resume.  I especially enjoy his experience page and media projects page.  It shows his many skills in a unique way through life choices and experiences.  Its very unique.

Lesson 2 :: Even negative stuff gets on the internet and it can forever haunt you.  (Digital Footprint).  Be very aware of what you say/write online – your footprint is important.

Lesson 3 :: Employers look at your online profiles and history online! They aren’t going to hire somebody who acts just as unprofessional in outside of the office in case they bring that with them to the office.  Digital media has made it very easy for them to access what you thought may have been very private. (Digital Footprint)

Lesson 4 :: You can edit your digital footprint to be more appealing.  Delete stuff, smother it, kill it! Help people! Avoid the bad and embrace the good, essentially.

Lesson 5 :: You cannot trust what you see, in reality.  Many people create fake profiles or enter fake information for their own devices.  It also is a way to protect themselves from disastrous consequences of actions.

Update on the projects:


Everything is going awesome . We are aiming to be done with all of our research by midnight tomorrow.  I am just doing finishing touches and from what I understand, so is everybody else.  Ryan wants to talk about the timeline tomorrow.  I am waiting for images from lindsey to finish the google map.  Fun times.

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