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Extremely Frustrating. . .Not really

Well I have finally finished my Digital Resume, as can be seen here! I am actually in love with it – and I must admit that I borrowed ideas from others simply because (though Ive had work) I have not had to create a resume since high school.  -insert GASP here-  This was not very hard or frustrating, just extremely time consuming.  I wish I hadn’t been sick last week so I could have mustered the energy to do it then.  So now its done and I feel accomplished.


I also have all of my research done – just need to do a little fine tuning of formatting and editing.  We seem to be right  on schedule which is fabulous.  I can’t wait to see my group tomorrow and discuss what happened Thursday.  I try so hard not to miss, even if I am usually 5 minutes late.  I don’t know what you guys would do if I was every on time.  😛  But anyhoo – the google map is coming – I was hindered with my sickness but now Lindsey has sent me all of the pictures so we should be good to go! Mike has a meeting Wednesday with Jim Groom.  EXCITING.


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One Response to “Extremely Frustrating. . .Not really”

  1. I really like your digital resume. It looks great and its simple but effective. Great job!