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Readings and Group Update

First things first: I could not even begin to watch the youtube videos.  Relying on a wireless card with limited data usage for three people in one household sure does take a tole on the total amount of internet access.  Sorry guys 🙁



The Carr reading was extremely interesting,especially since I found myself beginning to skim the readings.  My way of reading has definitely changed, and I find myself constantly distracted.  I still get the same information out, or at least – I think I do.  I guess I can’t really be sure.  And its true, I still only read things that are very interesting or catching to me.  I definitely judge books and internet articles by their “cover.  The other readings, especially from Babel to Knowledge, gave great insight into Data mining and caused me to rethink how I research.  Like another student, I also search in the index of books for related terms and toss books that have nothing to do with my topic.



Our project is going swimmingly.  Sometimes I get so stressed and worried that we are going nowhere.  However, every time we are able to come together – I feel so much more comfortable.  Everything is coming together – I am even more comfortable knowing that Mike has met with Jim Groom.  I hope we find some time to meet tomorrow at the end of class.


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  1. I completely understand why you didn’t watch the video. I didn’t either. Three people, one dog, and three cats. There is hardly a time when I can hear the tv in my house much less find a quiet room. Call me old fashioned, but I still can’t read off of a computer for more than five minutes. I prefer dusty library books and their fabulous smell.