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Update, Symposium, and Stooof

I am really happy with our website.  The mother site is awesome and we corrected some minor issues with our Sevamarkers website.  We are still waiting on assistance to fix the actual timeline html page to link back to the mother site and the SEVAmarkers site.  We are also going to either remove or completely change the header on the timeline so it doesn’t just highlight fredmarkers.  The twitter is picking up a lot of followers and interest, and Lindsey says that the GOOGLE Analytics is producing a ton of results as far as highlighting who is visiting our site.  The bibliography for the entire site will be completely finished and ready for McClurken to tell us what to fix tonight after Ryan inserts his portion of the bibliography.  Ryan figured out our slideshow on the front page and it looks fabulous! I fixed some minor errors with the map so I am not caught off guard next time.  I thought our presentation went really well.  I am really happy with how pleasing our website is to the eye.  Somebody on twitter the other said “THIS WEBSITE IS SOO COOL” and shared our link.  I am so happy!!! I think our presentation will be fabulous at the Symposium and that our website will be very useful for people in the future.  I hope people expand on it.  Its kind of shocking the sense of pride you feel in an academic project.  Weeelll I am off to bed so tomorrow I am able to edit my thesis and write another 10 page paper due Tuesday! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. . . and I apologize for the delayed update but the thesis work has been crazy!!!

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  1. look at how awesome you are doing! dang girl, google analytics and everything! You have done so well and have so much to be proud of, definitely would give you an A++ on this.