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Well listening to the recent lectures have given me some great ideas for our group’s project; if not great, then maybe a little imaginative.  I’ve played around already with Google sites (something I found on my own when signing up for google) and have built an entire website out of it already.  I imagine I could use it in the most simplistic form to help build our site.  Omeka would also be an interesting tool to use.  I can imagine putting each marker in a collection (I dont really think exhibits are necessary) with an image of the marker sign and of the actually historical place.  I think Zotero will be a good tool to keep track of helpful websites and of our markers – though I haven’t really thought of it much.  WordPress, I am slightly nervous about – hence why we have a meeting with Jim Groom on monday.  I want to do something like the rare books site, but it seems like that takes a lot of coding and I really want to know where to start.  I think that the formatting of that site will be great for reformatting the old Historical Markers site and adding our new markers to it.

In glancing at the other sites, I really know I don’t want to use a blog type formatting.  It looks somewhat sloppy and archaic – especially whenever somebody comments on a post and your posts move up and down.   http://chnm.gmu.edu/revolution/ — This site is lacking in design but the concept is really neat and nifty.  I think that if we could incorporate it into our project somehow that we would have a pretty durn good looking site.  http://gildedage.unl.edu/ — this site is so cool with the interactive-ish map at the top.  The concept is amazing and would be awesome for each of our historical markers but at the same time, it might be extremely difficult and time consuming for this class.  The one feature I dont think would work well for us and that I really don’t like the look of is the timeline.  I think it is very constricting and we can do some better organization without it.



My name is Sarah Eye and I am a Senior History major.  No double majors for this girl! On top of this course, I’m also currently working on my Senior thesis focusing around the Oracle of Dephi.  Not important, however.  I decided to take this course for 3 reasons: 1. I needed the class to complete my need credits for graduation; 2. I have always had an interested in digital media and the building of websites – just not enough of an interest to major in it.  I’ve mainly only toyed with the idea; 3.  Duh! I love history.  Any-who, after much frustration I have finally figured out how to fulfill the many technological requirements for this course and am ready to use this blog to help keep track of my and my group’s project for the reworking of the Historical landmarks site.  Already I think we have a huge project ahead of us and I hope that we can schedule a time to meet with Jim or Tim (hehe) this coming week.  Well, when I am not nosing in the library attempting to write some semblance of a proposal.  🙂


Bon Weekend.  See ya Tuesday.