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It is finished

Am I really finished? It’s so hard to believe. We  have worked extremely hard on this project all semester long and I’m really proud of the results. We did stuck to the contract in terms of time, but did have several difficulties along the way. Being a heavily researched based product, some of us had a few markers that we finally had to put our heads together and work on as a team. I feel as if I stuck to my part of the contract really well with the map – I even feel that it turned out even better than I originally planned with all of the feedback. We got all of our research done by the said dates, but we collaborated on a google doc so we could read over each others work and edit it. When the posts were finally pulled online, Ryan lindsey and I worked really hard on tagging, catagorizing, and editing the posts. Lindsey took over the picture finding ordeal because it was easier for her. She found every image.  I tagged and catagorized every post. Mike turned all our sources into Chicago/turabian and then each of us organized our own bibliography which lindsey then made into a huge one. Ryan did something we never even planned and made a twitter and he edited everybody’s work for grammar and spelling. I linked the map to every page and figured out how to make the timeline it’s own link (the timeline that Ryan created). I also made a banner for the timeline and a mother site to link the all past and future projects. 🙂  lindsey made the tag cloud and mike figured out how to put it on its own page (that was a hassle – seriously). We really appreciate all the help Jim groom and Tim owens gave us along the way. Especially with the help they gave Ryan in figuring out the slideshow on the front page. I created the bibliography and about us page, and went through every post for formatting and for linking them to the map. Overall, the project went really well buy I’m also really glad it’s over. 

Sorry for any spelling and/or grammar issues. I had to write out this post using my IPhone because of my unreliable Internet. 🙁 thank goodness for my smart phone. 

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